Spiritualist Mediums


Spiritualist Mediums Anji Wylde and Jo Allen consider themselves to be privileged to work with the Spirit World, using mediumship to help and comfort those who have been separated from their loved ones.


Originating from the Spiritualist church platforms of the Midlands, Anji and Jo developed as Spiritualist Mediums with the SNU (Spiritualists' National Union). They are both CSNU (ds) Certificate award holders in demonstrating mediumship and public speaking, they have also passed the SNU Platform Accreditation Scheme award PAS (ds).

While serving at over 40 churches around Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and the Midlands, they find time for private sittings and also to teach mediumship development.

Nicknamed "The Clairvoyant Cousins" the girls have trained with some of the top mediums in the country and work hard to be as accurate as they can be with their evidence. They are available to stand platform in Spiritualist churches giving demonstrations of mediumship, divine services, psychic suppers and also for mediumship workshops.