Spiritualist Philosophy


Spiritualism is the belief that after death there is continuity of personality and the power to communicate with the living.


Spiritualist philosophy is based upon information communicated from the Spirit World. An example being the Seven Principles of Spiritualism which were derived from the communication of Emma Hardinge Britten with the spirit of Robert Owen in 1871.

Spiritualism strives to investigate the phenomena of communication between the two worlds, in order to improve our understanding of mortality. In basic terms, there is no death. And if we fear death, then the knowledge that we cannot die brings comfort.

The reasoning of Spiritualist philosophy can help us change the way in which we see the physical world. In all religion there is an element of faith, but a Spiritualist can discover the evidence for themselves, so that faith becomes knowledge.

Spiritualist Prayer

Take life in hand and hold it dear,
And not because of death you fear,
Live to love and love to live,
And Spirit shall compassion give,
Keep your loved ones in your heart,
And death will not keep you apart,
In faith we find a peace of mind,
A message to those left behind,
For what is here upon this earth,
We fight and crave to get our worth,
In time we all will learn to see,
What's materialist is temporary,
For love can open any door,
We talk again as once before,
The Spirit World is close tonight,
To give you all their love and light.

Spiritualist Prayer © Copyright I. Wylde - Published with permission.