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A Spiritualist is a person who believes that when we die our spirit survives death, retaining its intelligence and knowledge in the Spirit World.

How do we know about the continuous existence of the human soul?
Through mediumship...


Spiritualist Belief

One of the aspects of Spiritualism which makes it different from other religions is spirit communication.

Spirit Communication

Mediumship generally involves communicating with spirits, and the evidence of survival beyond death comes from accurate information given to mediums directly from the Spirit World.

Sometimes people associate mediumship with fortune telling, which is not the case at all. A medium is simply sensitive enough to be open to the Spirit World, and any information they receive is passed on. Most mediums use clairvoyance (clear-seeing) which forms an image in their mind of what the spirit communicator is trying to say.

Demonstrations of mediumship can be seen at any Spiritualist church, where mediums will stand platform and attempt to give good evidence of survival. One to one private sittings can also be arranged with churches or directly with mediums.

Spiritualist Mediums


Spiritualist Churches

Everyone is welcome at a Spiritualist church, regardless of what their spiritual beliefs may be. There is never any pressure to blindly accept Spiritualism; instead people are encouraged to form their own conclusions.

There are two main types of service, a "Divine Service" and a "Demonstration of Mediumship" (sometimes referred to as "An Evening of Clairvoyance"). Both services include hymns or non-religious inspirational music, and both will have a demonstrating medium giving messages to the congregation. A Divine Service has a greater emphasis upon the philosophy of Spiritualism and generally a shorter period of clairvoyance than a Demonstration of Mediumship.